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    网址:www.sdllsk.cn  莱力斯克.中国



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     “莱力斯克” 致力于必威体育滚球注册吸尘除尘设备科技化,专注必威体育滚球注册吸尘除尘设备领域的探索和文化传播,为各行业客户提供简洁、耐用的吸尘除尘设备。

       Shandong leilisk cleaning equipment co., ltd is located in Jinan high-tech development zone, Shandong province. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D design, marketing, installation, construction and after-sales service.   

      The company focuses on industrial dust collection and removal equipment, and the main products are dust collection and removal equipment such as industrial large-scale vacuum cleaners, industrial high-power vacuum cleaners, dry and wet industrial vacuum cleaners, dust industrial vacuum cleaners, iron dust cleaners, pneumatic vacuum cleaners, explosion-proof vacuum cleaners, matching vacuum cleaners, oil pollution vacuum cleaners, three-phase electric industrial vacuum cleaners, single-phase electric industrial vacuum cleaners, battery-powered industrial vacuum cleaners, and gasoline-powered vacuum cleaners. The products are widely used in various industries, such as electronic industry, mechanical processing industry, automobile manufacturing industry, chemical industry, textile industry, paper industry, steel plant, pharmaceutical factory, food factory, glass factory, flour factory, ceramic factory, cement factory, foundry, shipbuilding factory, construction site, hotel, hospital, railway, etc. At the same time, it can satisfy customers' non-standard personalized customization requirements to the greatest extent.      

      " Leilisk" is committed to the scientific and technological development of industrial dust collection and removal equipment, focusing on the exploration and cultural dissemination in the field of industrial dust collection and removal equipment, and providing customers in various industries with concise and durable dust collection and removal equipment.